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Utah among 2 dozen states challenging Clean Power Plan

Huntington power plant

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah has joined over 24 states across the country in challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan regulation. The states are asserting the rule is illegal because it goes beyond the government’s authority. The suit was filed in the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, the same day the rule was ... Read More »

Union Station to get bike, pedestrian improvements with state grant

photo of Union Station

Spurred by a new state grant, historic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles will undergo a remake of its iconic front entrance into a pedestrian and bike-friendly space. The California Transportation Commission awarded $61 million in active transportation grants to projects around L.A. County intended to make biking and walking easier and safer. Read more. Read More »

Political candidates given youthful makeovers in Greenpeace campaign

Political candidates given youthful makeovers in Greenpeace campaign

As Spain’s politicians prepare for the general election in December, Greenpeace has enlisted their mini-mes for a campaign to remind politicians of their environmental promises. Greenpeace has launched the campaign to urge political leaders to remember the environment and ecological causes in the run-up to Spain’s general election on December 20th. In the poster campaign and the accompanying video, children ... Read More »

Last day for challenges to NY fracking ban


Today is the deadline for legal challenges to New York’s ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing. The state officially banned fracking in June after a five-year moratorium. Groups had 120 days to file what’s known as an Article 78 proceeding, a civil law challenge to a state agency decision. Read more. Read More »

GOP Sen. Backs Obama’s Plan To Curb Carbon Emissions

photo of Senator Ayotte

Despite Republican Senate leaders’ opposition to the plan, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) announced on Sunday that she supports President Obama’s plan to reduce carbon emissions in the U.S. Ayotte confirmed her support for the plan after the Obama administration published the final rule for the Clean Power Plan on Friday. Read more. Read More »

Tomorrow’s Eco-Friendly Concrete Is Inspired By Coral

Calera Carbonate Technology

The most popular building material in the world is concrete. Since it is strong, durable, weather and fire resistant, and pretty cheap, concrete is used twice as much as other materials (wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, etc.) combined.  What’s the catch? One of concrete’s main ingredients produces about six percent of all man-made carbon dioxide emissions. What if you could create ... Read More »

The Big Business Behind Clever Recycling

plastic waste

Plastics are used in every aspect of life. In the U.S. alone, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 33 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2013 – that’s nearly 13% of all municipal solid waste. To address this issue, California-based MBA Polymers has developed technology that recycles plastics from complex waste streams. They describe their U.K. plant ... Read More »

Fashion Brands Inspired By Eco-Friendly Consumers

Under The Canopy logo

Research has shown that the Fair Trade logo impacts consumers’ purchasing decisions on food and beverages. Now the fashion industry is experiencing a similar shift in values. Apparel is starting to be judged according to where and how it was made. A recent Wall Street Journal article revealed that consumers are focusing more on the fair working conditions for factory ... Read More »